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Haven of Hope Training Center Testimonials

“I came to Haven of Hope in January 2022, a broken, shut down, bitter, anxious & suicidal person. Making the decision to get help and be trained, was the best decision I’ve ever made! The first 3 months were incredibly hard, but also the best months of my life! Things came to the surface, and I learned how to deal with them, big or small, whether personal or generational. I learned how to go through life with a completely different perspective on things! I was no longer just surviving and just so getting by, I was thriving!

The end of April I went home for 2 weeks, then I came back for 3 more months. During the second term, I learned a lot more about helping others and I learned how to value myself. My character grew to a whole new level, and I broke free of so many things! I learned how to trust God completely and how to live a surrendered life. Of course there were still rough days and things to push through, but I left Haven of Hope, an entirely different person!

I will never forget the transformation that I went through in those 7 months, and I am forever grateful for the people who helped me through the worst of it and never left my side, even when things got rough. I had an absolutely amazing experience as a client at Haven of Hope and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about turning their life around!”


I would recommend this place to anyone who wants help with their spiritual and emotional life. I came as a client with one particular issue in mind to take care of. I went way above and beyond not only in that area, but a number of other areas as well. I throughly enjoyed life here, from cooking, baking, and morning session, to amazing conversations. The staff is incredible and they give great advice. My time here has stretched and challenged me in many ways and I will definitely be back!


“I started the intern program as an insecure and slightly terrified woman. Although I knew the people there, I had a lot of preconceived ideas and assumptions about who they were and what they did.

Within days of starting the program, those assumptions started to fall apart. I decided that no matter what, I was going to throw my whole heart into the internship. Everything I had, or thought I had, and all my hopes, plans, dreams, and hobbies, I surrendered them to God. I told him he could take it all. At the end of the intern program, I found that I did not miss the things He had taken from me.

I learned that the people here really are for you. They love, care and provide an atmosphere in which you cannot help but grow and bloom, even if you are a stubborn old root. I learned what it looks like to work together with a team and how powerful team togetherness actually is. I learned how to share what I’m seeing as a team member instead of believing that I am a non important team member. Being an intern directly impacted my life for eternity. It took me from being an insecure girl unsure of her direction to a confident committed team player who understands that the biggest key to a successful life is to surrender every single thing to God and take the next step He shows me as fast as I can. I am deeply grateful to the Haven of Hope team who welcomed me and helped me to grow. Thank you!

-MH (Dec 2022)

“In March of 2022 I walked into Haven of Hope to take the client program. I felt completely alone, terrified, and shut down, but I was surrounded with amazing people who walked with me and helped me learn to open up again. They showed me what true love and acceptance is. One of the most important things I learned is to surrender everything to God and to trust him completely. It is amazing how much peace that brings! The 5 months I spent at Haven of Hope were the best and most life changing months of my life! I am so grateful for my time there and for everyone who stuck by me and helped me find freedom and healing!”


“I found at Haven of Hope what I have been searching for for years! Healing, not just a bandaid for abuse and emotional struggles. I am learning to know God in a very powerful way. It’s been incredible.”

Sarah (12/2021)

“My time at Haven of Hope has been an awesome and stretching experience! I’m so glad and thankful for the many wonderful breakthroughs I got. I experienced freedom from fear, shame, pain and addictions! I’m now able to trust God and the people around me so much more and life has lots more zest for me!! It has been an amazing Journey!”

A Client EY (12/2021)

“Being here at Haven of Hope as an intern has been a great blessing. When I came I was living because I was breathing. I came here and I was given keys that help me live with purpose and passion and keys how to help other people find freedom as well. HOH has taught me many things: the importance of a team, who I am in Christ, and letting other people care about me and what I am going through.”

MK (12/2021)

“Haven of Hope has been a life changer for me! A year ago I was dealing with so many mental challenges that I couldn’t carry on a conversation with people. I was depressed and suicidal. I came to HOH and received many keys and breakthroughs. Now a year later I’m enjoying life and excited about my future. What my life a year ago is so far removed I find it difficult at times to remember what I used to live with. The staff are amazing, very supportive and encouraging. They see your potential and give you the keys to get there. I highly recommend this place for anyone who wants to be set free from anything that holds you back from living life and enjoying life the way God created you to live and enjoy life!”

Delilah Y (12/2021)

“My time as an intern at Haven of Hope has taught me so much about communication, connection, and team work. I’ve gained a lot of keys for working with people, along with many other valuable keys for my life. It has given me the chance to experience community in a completely different and incredible way, it feels like I’ve gained a big family! Experiencing God on much deeper levels while working with people, babysitting children, milking the cows, riding horses, evening worship, evenings spent playing games and connecting, and the many deep conversations with groups of amazing people, has been so good! It was definitely worth my time to be here!”

Rebecca K. (12/2021)

“I enjoyed my time as an intern at Haven of Hope. In my time here my identity in who I am in Christ was solidified. I was able to push through to new levels of freedom and also receive training and keys to help others find freedom. I highly recommend the intern program if you are wanting to learn how to walk with a team and help others.”

Jonathan K. (12/2021)

“Coming to the Haven of Hope has been a awesome experience, The staff here are some of the most awesome people you will meet in your life, they take time for you and help you face pain, fears, and trauma in your life. When I came I was a depressed, shut down, hurting, and angry, person that just quit drinking and smoking. The staff directed me towards God and helped me find healing for all that and trained me how to properly take care of myself physically, emotionally, and mentally. I have no desire to go back to drinking and smoking. Now I can face life without addictions and emotional problems! I AM AN OVERCOMER!!!”

-Jesse S. (12/2021)

“I love the outdoors at Haven of Hope. Since coming I have learned how to let go of anger in my life.”

-a Former Client

“As a volunteer at Haven of Hope, I helped with cleaning, made meals, babysat, and played with the children. I learned how to flow with others on a team. I found people who welcomed me with arms wide open and big smiles. I found hope and healing. I found a second family. I then became a staff member and additionally started learning how to mentor clients.”

-Margaret Kauffman

“When I came to Haven of Hope, I was desperately looking for something I didn’t have. I wanted answers, true freedom, and someone to help me understand why I kept losing my battles.

First, I saw who I really was (undone and helpless without the power of God). Power was what I wanted but how do I get the real thing? Through prayers with staff and God revealing the spirit of fear and lust, we prayed and cast those little demons out and I left my baggage at the cross.

Each day I walk as a free man and in the power of God, 2 Timothy 1:7, I also am finding my identity in my father in heaven.

I asked God to show me who I am and how he sees me. He gave me a vision of who I am, and for the first time in my life I could face all the pain in my past! I am still learning but I now truly believe that He loves me because that’s who He IS. The staff here believing in me and showing me love demonstrated who my father in heaven is. Ephesians, 6:12 have become very real to me.

HOH has been a place where I could come away, rest awhile and learn about Jesus. If you need to come apart from the daily grind and need some awesome people to walk alongside you, HOH is the place to experience just that.”


Overcomers Course Testimonials

I came to the course a slave trapped in my own body. I lived with fear, anger, and rejection. Coming to the course, I found out I could overcome all those things. I felt so much peace knowing I have a loving God and not one that will get angry every time you make a wrong move. I would absolutely go again. And I would recommend it to anyone.

-MM (5/2023)

I would highly recommend the overcomers course to anyone who is struggling to see their value and purpose, or to anyone who wants to grow. I experienced amazing transformation in my life, in the way I viewed myself, the way I viewed God, and life in general.

-Robert (5/2023)

This was a week of freedom for me. I was asking the Holy Spirit for breakthrough for a long time. I got majorly delivered while I was here. I will go home and live in my new-found freedom, taking my next steps with the Holy Spirit as my guide.

-Kathy (5/2023)

I came to learn and grow in my relationship with God. It was an amazing week. I always had difficulty fully trusting God and my husband, but we dealt with that & I already see and feel a big difference!

-EM (5/2023)

I overcame a lot of stuff and feel like a completely different person! My relationship with God has grown so much and I am very thankful, it feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I am the happiest I have ever been, the peace I feel makes me want to cry with joy.

-SG (5/2023)

I feel refreshed and ready to face life with a new zeal that I lost over time. With a new set of tools I can now place my energy in the right direction and receive the results of my labor. I have also obtained the ability to remain vulnerable to who I am and be open to my emotions to feel the freedom of life.

-Edward (5/2023)

I was quite guarded about this thing, but someone who I trusted recommended me to just try the Overcomers Course. I was very “churched out” and tired of all these places that claimed such good things and yet it seemed just not great. So I came and tried to be open and BOOM. It was not more than a few minutes, an hour at the most, when God showed me: This was real. If you want to, you can learn and OVERCOME!

The truth does set you free! Allow God to work and he will.

I learned so much I don’t know where to start, but probably the biggest one is simply take your next step and you will get there. Also if you give God a bit, he only has a bit to work with, but if you surrender everything (sounds tough but it’s worth it!) it will totally amaze you!If you really want change then accept it! Jesus said “burden easy and yoke light”, and it is true!

-Lucy (10/2022)

“I came to the course not having very high expectations. I knew my life could be better but it was still good & therefore I didn’t realize how much potential was actually here to make it so much better. The teachings we received were revelant and dynamic! I now see life from a much clearer perspective and have found a deeper level of freedom. I even found answers to questions that were so deep within me I hadn’t even known they were there. I am so grateful I got to come and get a hold of life changing principles!”

-LJS (11/2022)

“I’ve always felt there was more and finally discovered it is God telling me there is more. It was an answer to prayer and a plea to God for real answers and His truth, even if it looks different than I was taught, or thought it should look like.”

-Jonathan (11/2022)

“I learned how to face stuff head on when it comes up to the surface and how to be vulnerable; by doing that it will give others the courage to do the same and to be set free.”

-Justin (11/2022)

“I was able to breakthrough some areas I was feeling stuck in with our leadership team. I feel empowered and ready for what’s NEXT! I also feel a big shift in the way I think and have fresh vision moving forward. I choose to agree with how God sees me and not take things personal.”

-Moses (6/2022)

I came feeling like an old stale cracker and I left feeling super refreshed and excited about living life again.

-Hannah Kauffman (6/2022)

Overcomers Courses are always so refreshing to my spirit. Hanging out in the prescence of God for 5 days is amazing. Plus watching people experience freedom like never before is awesome! Also the freedom of forgiving and releasing one another is very powerful.

-MW (6/2022)

“I came to learn and I learned so much more than I expected. I also overcame some things. I am so much stronger and better equipped in just one week. Absolutely worth taking a week off. I thought I was doing great but I was actually just comfortable and didn’t feel the need to change; this week made me want to. I will never be the same (in a good way).”

ERB (6/2022)

“I really got a lot out of the week. I came looking for a few answers and I got a lot more than I expected. I was able to identify emotional trauma from the past that was holding me back from the present. I received healing. The Lord searched my soul and found remnants of sexual immorality that needed to be gotten rid of. Thank you to the entire team for walking with me in this. I am excited about the future and the calling and vision the Lord has given us. Thank you Jesus!”

-AS (6/2022)

“My back got physically healed. I realized I was walking in serious case of distrust toward God and man.”

-MG (6/2022)

“This week was such a refreshing time, full of amazing revelations. I feel I took several big leaps of growing in the Lord. I re-committed to the journey we are on and to go all the way with God and trust him fully. I realized I was fighting against the season the Lord has us in, but here is to embracing the truth and walking through the fire with confidence.”

-Orpha (6/2022)

“The Overcomers Course has changed the trajectory of my life in a very good way. Lies I have been believing for years have now been corrected and replaced with the truth of who God says I am. For the first time in many years I can confidently hear God’s voice and distinguish if it is His voice or the enemy’s voice. I now have tools and skills to deal with emotional issues that come up in me. I have learned the importance of repenting for sins, breaking agreements with lies, as well as break the damaging vows I have made. I have learned God’s truth here, and as I apply it to my life the truth is making me free. I am forever grateful that this course was recommended to me!”

-Dana W (12/2021)

“I had been feeling the need for more, or new passion, energy, vigor for life again. I needed a reset and a refreshing perspective of life. This week at the Overcomers Course has allowed me to step back, reevaluate my life and see where things weren’t lining up and to line those things up. I went deeper in my identity and experienced God on a deeper level in multiple areas. I was able to process and see a difficult situation in my life from a different angle. I picked up hope and energy to continue pressing into that situation again.”

-Rebecca (12/2021)

“This week at the Overcomers Course, here at Haven of Hope, has been so amazing and I’m so grateful for all the keys that I learned. Something that stood out to me is that rejection is the root of rebellion. It freed me a lot when I worked through rejection and rebellion in a situation. I highly recommend these courses! The safe atmosphere allows you to be stretched and grow deeper with God and it is so worth it!”

-Anonymous (2021)

“Thank you for the teaching this week. My wife and I have been pursuing greater understanding of scripture and the call we felt God has for our life. I honestly came to this Overcomers Course as a support to my sister this week, but I realize that God squarely put this in my life. A lot of issues that I have wondered about all my life as ‘whys’ of scripture have been explained this week. Thank you guys for your own journey and pressing into truth and sharing that in a passionate way with us! I’m ready to go! – Out into the battle!”

-Joseph S. (2021)

“How do you describe a week at an Overcomers Course that begins with total strangers and ends with deep family of God connections? A week that again and again I’m given a choice to stay stuck in old, dead, misleading cultural boxes, chains and strongholds, or choose to stand on and agree with true principles of God’s Kingdom that will allow me to go farther, deeper, and higher into the ABUNDANT life. I have keys to help me stay alive to everything that vibrates and pulses true life and keys to stay in alignment with God in everyday life and dead to the past ways of  mere existence. This is the journey I choose to embrace and continue to open myself to, and make it my new culture for His glory and praise.”

-Hannah (2021)

“I came to the Overcomers Course because I wanted to take a fresh look at myself to see where I can adjust things for life to flow better and to improve the consistency between my walk and talk… I am excited to walk out and work out what I have learned.”

-BZ (2021)

“This week at the Overcomers Course has brought new freedom by discovering keys for areas of my life that I was becoming aware of that I’m stuck. I experienced having new revelations about biblical principles that I had already been practicing and that brought an expansion to the why of life and a bigger purpose for living.”

-Barbara K. (2021)

“A highlight for me at the Overcomers Course was learning what it looks like to walk confidently under authority… I also learned more about who God is and what it looks like to walk into the face of the unknown with confidence.”

-WS (2019)

“What an amazing week at the Overcomers Course! My mind and heart were stretched to understanding God and His view of me in a deeper way. Accepting God’s view of me has already made a big difference in how I look at my struggles. Instead of feeling overcome by the challenges in my life, I realize I have the ability make choices to change my situation… I’m so grateful for the keys I’ve learned so I can live my life as an out-pouring of the Holy Spirit…that is my desire!”

-Mary (2019)

“I thoroughly enjoyed the challenging week at the Overcomers Course of pressing into receiving more of God and in the process gained new keys to overcome the enemy and his lies.”

-RZ (2019)