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Overcomers Course Testimonials

“How do you describe a week at an Overcomers Course that begins with total strangers and ends with deep family of God connections? A week that again and again I’m given a choice to stay stuck in old, dead, misleading cultural boxes, chains and strongholds, or choose to stand on and agree with true principles of God’s Kingdom that will allow me to go farther, deeper, and higher into the ABUNDANT life. I have keys to help me stay alive to everything that vibrates and pulses true life and keys to stay in alignment with God in everyday life and dead to the past ways of  mere existence. This is the journey I choose to embrace and continue to open myself to, and make it my new culture for His glory and praise.”


“I came to the Overcomers Course because I wanted to take a fresh look at myself to see where I can adjust things for life to flow better and to improve the consistency between my walk and talk… I am excited to walk out and work out what I have learned.”


“This week at the Overcomers Course has brought new freedom by discovering keys for areas of my life that I was becoming aware of that I’m stuck. I experienced having new revelations about biblical principles that I had already been practicing and that brought an expansion to the why of life and a bigger purpose for living.”

-Barbara K.

“A highlight for me at the Overcomers Course was learning what it looks like to walk confidently under authority… I also learned more about who God is and what it looks like to walk into the face of the unknown with confidence.”


“What an amazing week at the Overcomers Course! My mind and heart were stretched to understanding God and His view of me in a deeper way. Accepting God’s view of me has already made a big difference in how I look at my struggles. Instead of feeling overcome by the challenges in my life, I realize I have the ability make choices to change my situation… I’m so grateful for the keys I’ve learned so I can live my life as an out-pouring of the Holy Spirit…that is my desire!”


“I thoroughly enjoyed the challenging week at the Overcomers Course of pressing into receiving more of God and in the process gained new keys to overcome the enemy and his lies.”


Haven of Hope Testimonials

“I love the outdoors at Haven of Hope. Since coming I have learned how to let go of anger in my life.”

-a Former Client

“As a volunteer at Haven of Hope, I helped with cleaning, made meals, babysat, and played with the children. I learned how to flow with others on a team. I found people who welcomed me with arms wide open and big smiles. I found hope and healing. I found a second family. I then became a staff member and additionally started learning how to mentor clients.”

-Margaret Kauffman

“When I came to Haven of Hope, I was desperately looking for something I didn’t have. I wanted answers, true freedom, and someone to help me understand why I kept losing my battles.

First, I saw who I really was (undone and helpless without the power of God). Power was what I wanted but how do I get the real thing? Through prayers with staff and God revealing the spirit of fear and lust, we prayed and cast those little demons out and I left my baggage at the cross.

Each day I walk as a free man and in the power of God, 2 Timothy 1:7, I also am finding my identity in my father in heaven.

I asked God to show me who I am and how he sees me. He gave me a vision of who I am, and for the first time in my life I could face all the pain in my past! I am still learning but I now truly believe that He loves me because that’s who He IS. The staff here believing in me and showing me love demonstrated who my father in heaven is. Ephesians, 6:12 have become very real to me.

HOH has been a place where I could come away, rest awhile and learn about Jesus. If you need to come apart from the daily grind and need some awesome people to walk alongside you, HOH is the place to experience just that.”