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Emotional Healing book cover

Understanding Emotional Healing

by Steve Lapp and Jake Lapp

Understanding Emotional Healing is loaded with keys that explain why people do what they do, why they think the way they think, and how they can experience freedom from their troubled past.

It is a powerful tool for anyone who is experiencing emotional struggles, or is interested in effectively helping others overcome emotional issues.

Glory Path book cover

Glory Path

by Steve Lapp

What caused the Lapp Brothers to walk away from the security of the Amish Church and their farms? How did these hard-working farmers ever find their way into the emotional healing realm?

Enjoy the journey as they step out of their box and encounter God in new and miraculous ways.

Unlocking Our Inheritance book cover

Unlocking Our Inheritance

by Janet Keller Richards

Recovering the Treasures of Anabaptism.

Are there Keys in my heritage that will help unlock my purpose in Life? How can I know God the way many of my early ancestors knew Him? Can God restore to me their love and spiritual fervor? Does God have a spiritual inheritance for Anabaptists?

This book will provide answers to these questions and more!

Streaming Audio/Video

Leadership Empowerment Course title screen

Leadership Course – $99.50

  • Understanding My Position As A Leader
  • How Does My Secret Life Affect My Business?
  • What Happens if I Blame Everyone Else for My Failure?
  • The Buck Stops HERE
  • What is my Responsibility as the Leader to Empower My Team?
  • How can I Best Empower My Team?
  • What is the Cost of an Under Educated, Under Trained, and Rebellious Employee?
  • How Do I Deal With Problem Employees/Team Members?
  • How Do I Deal With Problem Customers?
  • How Do I Tap Into the Brain Power of My Team?