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About Us

The West Virginia Healing & Training Center is the fulfillment of an 11-year vision. It provides a safe place for people to heal in a functional community setting. People can come and experience the anointing of God in a safe atmosphere while going through their extended healing process. Our focus is to put you into everyday life situations and help you overcome spiritual, emotional and physical issues in a safe environment.

Here you can experience…

Healing from the pain of the past

…Renewing of the spirit, soul, and body.

…Transforming your mind into the image of Christ.

…Engaging your will to face reality.

…Training through mentorship and teaching.

Empowering to take responsibility.

…Equipping with tools for the future.

…And so much more!


If you want to send someone to the Healing & Training Center for help, they can fill out an online application at: www.healingcentersignup.com